Thursday, January 27, 2011

Choose the Best Wilderness Survival/Hunting Knife

A good boning knife, top and a Cold Steel SRK are good choices!
At some point, you may need to reduce a steer, hog, sheep, goat or large game animal into neatly-wrapped packages of  meat for the freezer. Or, you might get a great deal on a half or quarter of beef or pork, and want to save the meat cutting and wrapping fees.
At home, you may have all the tools and accessories needed to make this job do-able. But what knives should you carry when hunting the backcountry? What if you’re on your own, with no outfitter to haul in meatcutting tools and take the meat out on a pack horse?
Even if  the big game carcass will be taken to a commercial meat cutter later for processing, you’ll still have to  gut, skin and possibly quarter the animal. Here are some backcountry knife suggestions!


  1. One of the primary stuff you will do to slim down your selections is to determine whether or not you would like a folding or fixed-blade knife.

    1. That's true, and a decision that needs to be made before buying anything.