Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Survival Knife Review: Is The Cold Steel SRK The Best Survival Knife?

My old, worn Cold Steel SRK knife has served me well for two decades of hard hunting.
You Can't Compromise on survival gear quality, so  20 years ago, I invested in a Cold Steel SRK.
 For what I need, specifically, a survival tool that can double as a backcountry big game hunting knife, the SRK is perfect. My SRK  has field dressed well over 50 deer and been used on several elk. In one instance, the knife field dressed and quartered three deer without it needing sharpening. The handle never gets too slick to hold safely, no matter how messy the field dressing job gets.
 If I could only have one survival knife, which would also be used as a  field dressing tool for big game and a meat cutting implement,  it would be a Cold Steel SRK. Here's why!

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  1. Great review, the cold steal SRK is a fantastic knife. It is a great well rounded blade for a lot of applications. A lot of survival knives on the market are to bulky or just plain suck when it comes to field dressing your dinner.