Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How Does the Master Hunter Perform in the field?

The Master Hunter served me well through three elk.
Some survival equipment tests need to be done at home, but the bottom line is how an item performs under field use conditions. (To read the Master Hunter review, click here.)
For a hunting knife, that means using the tool while hunting.
But at the end of October, during an Oregon elk hunt, my group harvested three elk: a 5×6 bull, a spike bull and a cow. I got in on the field dressing whenever I could get to the kill site on time.
Over two days and three elk, the Master Hunter was used to remove several lower legs and quarter a carcass; quarter an apple; drill holes in the plastic sled we dragged meat out with; divide my ham-and-cheese sandwich in half and cut several pieces of quarter-inch nylon and sisal rope.  Read the rest of the Master Hunter field test update

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