Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Survival Knife Review: Cold Steel Master Hunter

The Cold Steel SRK (top) and Master Hunter are both good choices!
I’m a long-time user of Cold Steel knives. Since I bought my first, a SRK, back in 1991, I’ve used the product line extensively. That SRK (the initials stand for Search and Rescue Knife) is still my first choice for a survival/hunting knife. (To read my analysis, click on SRK review.)
And I like the Cold Steel Canadian belt knife for cleaning small game, chopping potatoes and onions  and trimming fat and gristle off meat. It’s also a good skinner on many parts of a big game carcass. (But, I’d like the Canadian belt knife better if the handle was made of Kraton and bigger in diameter!)

But the Master Hunter’s name says it all. If you could only have one knife for big game hunting, the Master Hunter just might be the best bet. Read the Master Hunter review!

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