Monday, February 21, 2011

Axe or Saw? Which is the Best Survival Tool?

Axe or saw? Which one will be the best choice for your survival kit?
We'll assume you already have the survival knife and  basic Ten Essentials, and are assembling the rest of the tools needed for a portable survival kit. 
Do you need to add a hatchet, axe or a saw?
It depends. 
Some might call this collection a "Bug Out Bag," or something along those lines. Or you may be a backpacker, hunter or fisherman who needs a light, easy-to-carry wood cutting device. 
A hunter may be looking for a tool that can cut wood and that will also be useful in  quartering and field dressing a big game animal. Choice of  tools is important, because there isn't much space, and you need to keep the weight down.
Click on hatchet, axe or saw to help you decide which tool will best suit your needs!

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