Saturday, February 5, 2011

Make a Quick, Safe Survival Knife Sheath

I made this cardboard sheath 44 years ago, and it still works just fine!
Some of the most useful camping, survival and meat-cutting knives don’t come with sheaths. Here’s how to make a quick, safe edge guard/sheath out of  a cardboard roll and duct tape.
My knives are working tools, and the ones used in the kitchen frequently get double duty on camping trips or for meat processing. Some of these knives started out  in a commercial cutlery catalog, were sold at a butcher supply store or were good deals at a gunshow.
So suppose you get a good deal on a one-piece  knife and want to take it to hunting camp. For safety sake, that blade needs to be securely covered. Make a cardboard knife sheath  that will last  until you come up with a permanent replacement.

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