Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review: The C.T. Fischer Nessmuk Knife

This Nessmuk-style knife is a winner!
Sometimes a knife just looks right, and that's what drew my eye to an ad for a "Nessmuk" knife.  It looked like a quality workhorse.
For a little background here, George Washington Sears, 1821-1890, is better known by his pen name of "Nessmuk". He wrote one of the first wilderness survival books,  "Woodcraft," in 1884 and was a regular contributor to "Forest and Stream Magazine."
Sears had strong opinions about survival gear, and designed several pieces, including the "Nessmuk" knife.
So when I saw a Nessmuk-style knife  advertised by C.T. Fischer Knives, based in Elk City, Idaho, I just had to try one out . I got one from Fischer, and put the knife  through its paces. 
Here's my thoughts on the Nessmuk after testing it: click here to read the review!

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